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Last Wednesday, you could almost hear the deafening cheers from Wall Street investors as the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 20,000 for the first time ever. In 120 years of turbulent history, it has never before managed to come close to this level. Do not be fooled by Mr. Market.

Look back at the not-so-distant history of March 30, 1999. This was the day that the Wall Street Journal heralded the dawn of a new era as the Dow blew past 10,000 for the first time in history with its “Dow Industrials Top 10,000.” This then-record high occurred on March 29, 1999. It lasted for all of eight and a half months.

By January 14, 2000, the Dow and other market indices had reached their inevitable peak. From this point on, a bloodbath ensued over the next two years. An eye watering $5 trillion of wealth became erased from the ledgers of investors the world over.

These new lofty levels of the Dow should give you plenty of pause for thought. Whether or not you believe a severe market correction is long overdue or not, you should at least consider that buying stocks when they are overpriced is the single worst mistake you can possibly make in investing. Regardless of how amazing the investment may appear, when you pay too find more information much, you are asking for trouble.

How do you know stocks are so overpriced now? It is more than the recent record of 20,000, which only 10 years ago sounded more like science fiction than actually possible. It is the fact that the price to sales ratio is the highest it has been in 15 years at least. Some scary food for thought is that this ratio is actually massively higher now than it was before the last devastating crash in 2008.

Consider the Price to Earnings ratio as well. This cyclically-adjusted level today stands at its highest amount since the dot com crash after 2000, which is also higher than before the 2008 market crash. Ditto for Enterprise Values to EBITDA which measures the operating cashflow of a corporation’s principal business.

It would be naive to believe that U.S. stocks will simply continue to rise forever. History tells us what happens when investors start to believe that. A better choice is to invest in markets where there is opportunity remaining. Many overseas markets are now far more attractively priced.

Goldman Sachs just announced that European stock markets have twice as much potential and room to rise as do American equities’ markets. Their Price-to-Book ratios are significantly more attractive than are their American peers.

Even Japanese corporations are flush with cash (more than any exchange-listed companies in any rival nation) and starting to pay higher dividends and do more share buybacks. This is true while their stocks are at comparatively cheap prices when measured against American equities.

As for the debt levels of Japanese companies, they boast the strongest balance sheets on earth. Compare this to American companies which are overburdened with simply years of built-up debts. Value investing remains among the most successful strategies in the markets over the past 50 years.

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Ready for the Inevitable American Stock Market Crash?

Stocks never rise in a straight line. History has proven time and again when they irrationally get ahead of themselves, they come crashing back down. This was the case in 1987, 2000, and 2008. We are long overdue for a severe pullback, especially given the new all-time highs which are based on only speculation and hope. When the markets do inevitably fall back down, gold will once again prove to be the smartest asset class in which to have moved at least some of your retirement assets.


As this chart demonstrates, from the years of retirement gold 2000 through 2010 when the stock markets crashed and burned not once but twice, gold prices rose from around $250 per ounce to approximately $1,400 per ounce. The yellow metal will protect you again in the next stock market retrenchment. You can safely rely on its hedging power for your portfolio. Request your free and no-obligation gold IRA rollover kit now by clicking on the links in this article to learn everything you need in order to protect your assets by a partial allocation to physical gold.


back to school books Things To Know Before You Buy

Even though I don’t have kiddos of my own, if I did, you greater guess the first working day of school would turn into a full on photoshoot. Maybe it’s far better which i don’t…my kitty cats now despise me for taking countless photos of them!

In merchandising, back to school is the time period through which learners and their mother and father order school supplies and apparel for your impending school yr.[1] At several Section stores, back to school sales are advertised for a time when school supplies, kid's, and young Grownups' apparel goes on sale. Business supplies have also become a crucial Section of back to school sales, Along with the increase in prominence of personal computer systems and connected products in instruction; traditional supplies like paper, pens, pencils and binders will usually be marked at steep discount rates, normally as reduction leaders to entice purchasers to obtain other items within the store.

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Top women's wallets trifold Secrets

Be warned: Is the Color of Your Handbag Draining Your Wealth?

women's croco handbag with wallet designer leather gifts

And now, for the first time, I'm offering this article designed expressly to show the importance of color and some other secrets to help Energize Your Money Magnet. (I'll tell you more about this in just a moment.).

women's anti-theft travel handbag cross body bucket bag gift

While the price of the bag itself wouldn't have ruined my finances, that red color might have. For my particular birthdate and the planetary influences in my home, the energetic vibrations of these colors act like money magnets for me. These other colors can blunt the impact of these negative energies and help me hang onto my money.

leather wallets women long money clip designer gifts

Should you go out and buy a green purse or a chocolate wallet? Absolutely not-- unless you have the very same influences at work in your natal chart and home as I do. These same colors could actually compromise you financially-- without your even being aware of it if you don't.

fashion stylish designer wallet women leather many colors gifts

Different number combinations attract different types of energy which we experience as good fortune or bad money luck. The bad and good combinations depend on how the numbers that represent the energetic pattern of our natal chart interact with the numbers that represent our interaction with the world-- e.g., the vibrational value of colors, directions, and other elements of our environment.

Bi fold wallet designer leather for women many colors clutch long gifts

Why risk bad money luck?


Your wallet or purse is at the center of your routine financial life. Their color interacts with you directly and energetically!! Every time I am enticed to think that this is 'just a little thing,' and go ahead and carry a bright red purse, I quickly see my luck turn and am reminded of just how real-- and how powerful-- color energies are.
Many New Age Feng Shui consultants will tell you carry a color that is the same as your Gua number. Not true-- and this could truly drain wealth. Other New Agers say to carry your money in a red or blue purse. One consultant even sells blue and red purses! Well, there is just no such thing as 'one size fits all Feng Shui,' and without knowing how red and blue will impact you energetically; you could be risking downright disastrous results.
Could you do away with a wallet or purse and just put your money in your pocket? Sure, but why not seize the day to manipulate the color of your money holder to help lessen buy on ebay losses as you attract abundance?

Check out some fabulous women's designer handbags and wallets, and be mindful of your energy colors!

fashion stylish designer wallet women leather many colors gifts

The Definitive Guide to lead finding

Amongst the greatest challenges for any roofing service is generating qualified leads. It's a constant battle of testing and throwing things against the wall to spot what works. Generating qualified leads is the engine that powers new business.

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Lead Generation For Roofers & Roofing Contractors

Lead Generation For Roofing contractors
Get targeted and exclusive leads
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Let's define what a lead is.

A lead is identified as follows:

Acquiring qualified leads is the foundation of most firms. There are a lot of different methods for a roofing business to generate leads.

The solutions have changed throughout the years, and channels that were once effective don't have the same wallop as they once used to possess. As a business owner, it's your job to keep up with the latest tactics and strategies in lead generation. If you don't have the time then you should hire someone that does.

Types of Leads

There are two types of leads. Business to Business leads (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Generally speaking, B2B leads are going to be more steeply-priced than B2C leads.

Domestic prospects are much less refined than commercial roofing customers. Think about it, how many times does a resident deal with roof repairs? Very little.

When you that compare to industrial and industrial forms of businesses, that deal lots of different types of bids, the prospect is far more professional. You also must bear in mind the length of the sales cycle in commercial vs. residential.

Roofing Leads Evaluation
The roof of a home is the first line of safeguard against the weather conditions.

A well kept roof ensures the home will be standing for many years to come.

Remodeling or improving a roof is not to be taken lightly.

Work of this range takes time to complete and a highly trained contractor to do it properly.

There are multiple roof types and styles available, so the homeowner can come to rely on the contractor for his or her expertise for the greatest possible advice.

Leads For Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractors

While the roofing industry is stable and strong, changing technologies and concerns about energy efficiency have changed the way consumers shop for roofs. Finding Top-notch Roofing Leads in a Changing Market Maintaining quality insurance lead generation leads means keeping up with the changing needs of your consumers, and a couple of recent industry trends are a perfect place to start.

The first is energy-efficiency-- using components that are beneficial and sustainable to both your home and the environment.
The second is solar-- incorporating rooftop photovoltaic panels to existing roofs, or building new roofs that can accommodate solar panels. Many first-time buyers and other eco-conscious consumers are looking out for roofing professionals who can give these kinds of services, so reach out to them during your next marketing campaign to help grow your business. Of course, new technologies and procedures in the roofing industry mean more training and portfolio-building for contractors, so many roofing professionals find themselves short on time and unable to properly search for new leads.

That's where this awesome roofings leads company can help. Their extensive experience in the lead gen space means they know how to connect you to new leads who are qualified and interested and in need of roofing services. Their track record shows that they can help you find quality leads while you focus on what you do best.

Top hvac tech Secrets

Need leads for your HVAC business? Plan to grow your heating, air, and ventilation conditioning installation and repair service? Are you an A/C repair business searching for new customers?

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Lead Generation For HVAC contractors

Lead Gen For HVAC contractors
Get targeted and exclusive leads
Serving all of USA
Contact us:



Partner with numerous home service pros and get high-grade, phone-verified leads in your region!

• All leads phone-verified & evaluated for quality
• Jobs come from meaningful consumers near you

We are unlike every other lead generation company. We offer high quality leads at wonderful rates, targeted phone leads are sent your way, there are no contracts, and no monthly fees. Overall, these benefits don't only cut down your HVAC lead price, but also raise your odds of earning the job.

With HVAC leads from Home Improvement Leads, you can stay at the cutting edge of demand with our tested lead generation methods and unparalleled customer service.

We know you work hard at your job, and we will connect you with qualified, quality house owners seeking HVAC services.

Customer procurement is the lifeline of any flourishing HVAC business. Your company has to be meeting its sales funnel with new prospects daily, or risk sacrificing its existing customer base to unyielding hvac san antonio competition and other forces of erosion. To get those new customers in the door, you need HVAC leads. And you need to have great deals of them.

As a sharp business owner, we're supposing you knew that already. However, you may not have realized that it's very uncomplicated to determine what the average HVAC lead costs. Some basic data analysis will facilitate you to make better choices when trying to determine how to spend your advertising and marketing dollars.

What Should an HVAC Lead Cost?
For HVAC companies, there are huge financial obstacles associated to acquiring new business. According to a report by, "Acquiring customers through marketing can represent a critical expense for HVAC service providers. Industry sources estimated that acquiring a single customer costs an HVAC contractor between $200 and $300.".

This also is supported by figures from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). By ACCA's estimate, the average industry cost per lead (CPL) is between $250 to $300 per lead. Don't despair, we will never charge you these high prices.

Not All HVAC Leads are the Same.
Getting high quality HVAC leads can be a bit of hit and miss with most lead brokers. With our exclusive leads your HVAC business can increase your profits while sustaining command over your advertising and marketing budgets. Our no-risk pay per lead program is devised for construction and home improvement companies, get more info just like your HVAC company.

All you ever spend for are the quality live leads we send straight to your telephone or email. Plus all of this without any risk on your behalf, you only invest in quality leads, if we don't deliver leads to your business you don't pay a cent-- we can't make things any click here more fair than that.

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